LW5 will be part of Jupiter´s Legacy

Then it is official – we are happy to announce that Louisiana Washboard Five will be in the soundtrack of episode 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy, a new TV-series with World Premiere on Netflix coming Friday, May 7. Tune in and check it out. You can see the Jupiter’s Legacy-trailer here. A video of our recording session of the featured melody, I’d Love It, can be seen here.

For those with a special interest in the historical origins of this music, it was originally recorded by McKinney & His Cotton Pickers in 1929, a super-band from this period that among others included Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins and Don Redman (also the composer) on saxophones and Fats Waller on the piano.



Professor Hot Stuff reviewed by Scott Yanow

The February issue of Syncopated Times includes a review by Scott Yanow of our Professor Hot Stuff-record. He concludes that “The solos are spirited and very much in the 1920s style, the ensembles are frequently rousing, and the Louisiana Washboard Five creates a set of music that will certainly make lovers of early jazz smile. This is a band well worth discovering.”

You can read the full review here.


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